A blanket term for the period of Aperonian history marked by constant warfare and strife. Unlike other eras, it is not marked by a specific beginning, only an end point in Blood 1.


Not much is known about the specifcs of the Indomitus Era. Most historians use the term to refer to any point in the Age of Man before the Blood Monarchy was established. Very few written records survived, and those that did are locked away in the Fifth House's libraries. An incomplete history of the happenings of the Indomitus Era was pieced together by heresay and old stories passed down through families and neighbors.

The picture painted by these stories is one of bloodshed and strife. The Indomitus was ruled by large clans of pirates and warlords who fought over territory and technology. Doctors were few and unorganized, and disease ravaged the land. There was little intellectual growth during this period, as many resources went to the feuds between pirate lords, as well as the fact that luxuries and high art tended to stay in the hands of the powerful, creating a gap between the strong and the weak.

The Blood King's InfluenceEdit

When Amadeus Flynn came into power, he took control of many large, adjacent territories, creating allegiances with current Pirate Lords, and defeating those that would not join with him. Flynn's work was later completed by his son, Gabriel Flynn, who convinced those who had refused Amadeus's rule with what is often criticised as unnecessary force.

Current Aperonian provinces are often named for the Pirate Lords or gangs that held the area (for example, Embersails Province or Argent Province). Certain Noble Houses, such as the House Rein and the House Ryfel, are descended from the pirate lords who allied themselves with Flynn.